Rally Round Golf Tournament Scramble Rules Sheet

First CP Hole#(5 ), Second CP Hole#(16 ), Hole in one wins $10k Hole#(12), Long Drive for men and women's Hole#(17 )

2017 Rally Round Golf Tournament Rules.
  • Each group will select a team captain.
  • Men play from white tees and women from forward tees.
  • Play begins with each member of the group teeing off.
  • In agreement with the group, captain decides best drive.
  • The other members of the group pick up their balls and proceed to the spot of the selected drive, where they will hit their second shots.
  • The best of the second shots is then chosen. The group will then hit all their putts (or their shots) from that spot.
  • This procedure continues until the ball is in the hole.
  • At the end of each hole, the score of the group is recorded in the card.
Note: The maximum score allowed is double-par. After that, simply pick up the balls and move onto the next hole.
Other Rules
  • Place balls within one club length of the original ball.
  • On the putting green place the ball within 3 inches of the original ball.
  • In placing the ball, you may not change the condition of the shot. If the ball is in a hazard or rough, all members of the team must play their shot from the hazard or rough, respectively.
  • On the putting green, give each person a shot at the first putt. Do not hole out a short putt if you have missed your first putt. The first ball in must count. Mark your ball and wait.
  • If playing as threesome, one member of the threesome may on a rotational basis, hit or putt an extra time to compensate for the fourth person.
  • Mulligan can not be used on specialty holes, such as CP hole, LD hole and hole in one.
  • Do not play in, come directly to club house, record total score and add them up.
  • If playing as mixed couple, must play in men's flight, women may only win an all women's trophy.